Turn Your Scrap Catalytic Converter Into Cash

C ConvertersIn the United States, there are millions of cars on the road that are a source of air pollution. To combat these effects, the federal government has passed clean air laws that limit the amount of pollution that an automobile can produce. In 1975, a refinement called a catalytic converter was mandated for all cars and trucks operating in the United States. This simple device converts harmful pollutants into safer emissions before leaving the car’s­ exhaust system. The catalytic converter met the Environmental Protection Agency requirements for pollution caused by automobile exhaust.

Occasionally converters go out, and must be replaced. For the best price, contact catalytic converter recycling with ConverterGuy. The broken converter can be sold for cash because it contains precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, or rhodium that is used as the catalyst. When the used converter is sold to metal recyclers, they extract the precious metals for resale. Extraction is not something that you should try to do. It requires skill and the appropriate machinery and tools. Because of the precious metal content there is a large market for scrap catalytic converters.

To be certain that you get the highest price for your catalytic converter scrap, contact Converter Guy at http://www.converterguy.com/catalytic-converter-recycling/. Payment may range from $50.-$250. depending on the type of converter that you have for sale.